First In/Last Out!

CenterLine can provide an event production package tailored to your specific needs, large or small:
• Event Coordinator
• Logistics Coordinators
• Production Crew Chief and Staff
• Bar Management
• Vendor Relations Specialists
• Food Services Coordinators
• Experienced Production Teams
• Volunteer Management
• Stage Managers
• Talent Management and Booking
• Hospitality & VIP Managers
• Social media, Web Development and Site Placement
• Volunteer Data Base Creation and Maintenance

CenterLIne can help your event strategize to be Green!

• Make your event green with the right clean up and recycling systems, bottless

   water stations and more!
• Go Solar – consulting and strategies to take your event off the grid!

CenterLine’s Director has 40 years of major event production experience:
• Outdoor Arts and Music Festivals
• Art, Craft & Food Shows
• Literary Festivals
• Auto Shows
• Fashion / Runway Shows
• Food Truck Festivals
• Events tailored to showcase specific issues

   Large and small parties

CenterLine's Talent Management Team has over 30 years of experience booking talent for large and small events.

CenterLine’s Vendor Management Team has over 50 collective years of event vendor management experience
• Recruitment, & management of vendors
• Art, crafts & culinary Jury building
• Vendor relations
• Run-time vendor management

CenterLine can help you from planning to clean - up
• Consultation
• Run-time logistics & ordering of Goods/Services
• Permitting – licensing – City, County and State relations
• Planning, logistics & Infrastructure

   Social Media
• Site layout
• Budget management
• Talent buying and management


EMail us to chat about your event – Find out what the CenterLine Team can do for you!